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Industrial Development

The combination of SunCap’s extensive development experience and a delivery model centered upon a corporate services culture creates a superior delivery platform for our corporate clientele and project tenants. Through shared expertise in entitlement, construction, capital markets and legal, we are uniquely positioned to underwrite projects, which allows us to consistently deliver on time and on budget.

SunCap has fifteen engineers on staff dedicated to performing detailed site analysis and due diligence on all of our developments, whether they are build-to-suit or speculative projects for lease. This unique focus provides us and our clients with an ability to make fully informed decisions about the challenges, risks and developability of any site or space, limits surprises, delays and budget overruns and delivers above market returns.

Featured Projects

client focused

Client Focused

By focusing on our customers’ needs, knowing our strengths, and providing clarity and transparency to our clients, tenants and investors in today’s challenging marketplace, we maintain a trustworthy “safe choice” competitive advantage in the commercial real estate development business.

dependable platform

Dependable platform

We have managed multiple projects for Fortune 500 companies and have refined our approach to developing real estate. Our dependable development platform has earned SunCap preferred national development status for repeat customers such as: FedEx, Amazon, Magna and Frito-Lay.

collaborative approach

Collaborative approach

Hard work and fluid communication allows us to efficiently and effectively manage our developments, enhancing our performance.

seasoned experts

Seasoned experts

We know that a smaller, less bureaucratic team of seasoned experts results in enhanced exchange of information and solutions, greater accountability, better efficiencies, lower overhead and lower cost to our clients and tenants.